It’s a time of unprecedented change in 2020!

Introducing the Resilience Tribe Workshop –
an evidence-based program that will help
individuals and workplaces become more resilient and feel more connected 

Let the Resilience Tribe
bind your people together

Inspired by current evidence-based research and teachings from modern and age-old tribes around the world, our workshop
brings a fresh perspective to team cohesion and resilience.

  • Suited to all kinds of businesses and teams
  • Led by experienced workplace trainers and psychologists
  • Engaging, empowering, creative… and fun!
  • Tailored to your team’s unique challenges and goals
  • Online workshop – onsite delivery on hold 


Promoting practices to enhance positive rituals and boost a resilient tribe…

The Resilience Tribe Workshop will empower your people to become their best selves – so they can build a happier, healthier culture together. We take them on an insightful memorable 5-part journey to boost their resilience…


Exploring the 3 tribe essentials

During our training we will explore the three pillars of a highly-resilient people and workplaces – drawn from research on real tribes around the world.

These are:

  • Movement: to enhance individual and team mindsets and cope with challenging times
  • Appreciation: to create gratitude, positive emotions and better wellbeing
  • Purpose: to inject meaning into action – and passion into life


Shifting to a resilient mindset

You will then get to reflects on your current state of personal resilience and/ or your teams resilience. Helping to focus on shifting from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, which helps  you / your tribe to see:

  • Learning and self-development as an ongoing part of life
  • Challenges and change as opportunities
  • Goals as a result of dedication and sustained effort


Inspiring innovation

The ability to adapt is essential for improving performance and building resilience during challenging times. Here, you will explores drivers of innovation, which include:

  • Feeling safe and valued
  • Being creative and flexible
  • Coping with challenges
  • Remaining open to change


Being mindful

From internal thoughts to external sensations, we will help your team become more aware of themselves and others in different situations.  

They will also learn how to focus their five senses – and approach tasks wholeheartedly. 


Enhancing mental health

This final lesson will help your team fine-tune mental health practices such as:

  • Reflecting on their mental health and resilience
  • Listening to physical, emotional and behavioural red flags
  • Following healthy routines (e.g. sleep, stress management)
  • Opening up to people and supporting other tribe members

Resilience Tribe Facilitators


Resilience Psychologist, 
& Director of Emotional Health Centre
BA, BAppSc Psych (Hons), Cert IV Workplace Training

I help people develop new avenues for personal growth and emotional wellbeing – with a compassionate, down-to-earth approach.

As a workplace trainer for more than 15 years, I’m passionate about building resilience to adversity and change, at home and at work.

I draw on a range of training, counselling, coaching and therapeutic methods to get the best results, time and again.

Working with individuals and groups, my specialties include resilience, stress management, workplace conflict and rehabilitation, bullying, depression, career development,  relationship issues and more.


Leadership and Resilience Facilitator 

For over 18 years, I’ve helped people in all kinds of workplaces enhance their wellbeing and resilience.

As a workplace trainer and facilitator, I also help teams discover, experience and strengthen their leadership and emotional intelligence – while embracing their unique selves.

I coach and mentor individuals and teams to increase their performance, engagement  and sense of purpose in their tribe.

With experience across government, not-for-profit, and private sectors, I have a broad understanding of workplace cultural and climate needs and use practical tools to enhance team and individual resilience.

Our  story 

A story inspired by real resilience


‘I feel alone.’     ‘I’m not valued.’     ‘We don’t work as a team.’

After hearing the same frustrations from workplace to workplace for years on end, we set out to find a solution – and make a change.

Inspiration from around the world

Did you know that hundreds of age-old tribes can be still found scattered around the world? And did you know that many have adapted to Western influences for survival? Centuries on, these tribes have remained cohesive – by being open and flexible to change.

After learning about these inspiring people and communities, we had one burning question:

What are the Universal practices they share that make them so resilient?

After learning about these inspiring people and communities, we had one burning question:

What are the Universal practices they share that make them so resilient?

Revealing their hidden secrets

After extensive research, we found that certain elements drive resilience in these communities.

In particular, we found that rituals such as singing and dancing create a sense of cohesion and belonging. And we discovered that sharing skills and experiences gives people purpose – while building trust and safety.
With these insights, we saw an opportunity to apply these elements of resilience to the corporate world.

Embracing individuality creates unity

Another illuminating discovery was the extent to which tribes embrace ‘different’.

As melting pots of skills, experiences, personalities and perspectives, tribes encourage people to flourish as individuals. This is what builds their strong foundation and binds teams together.

Ultimately, no two people are the same. And that’s something that should be celebrated every day – to build a successful team.

Transforming the corporate world – one team at a time

Fast-paced and ever-changing, today’s corporate world makes it harder for us to connect with people in an authentic, personal way.

Thankfully however, we still possess many tribal instincts from our ancestors that link resilience to belonging. We simply need to learn how to access and act on these instincts – despite the individualistic ways of today.

By bringing what we’ve learnt about tribes into the workplace, we believe we can create happier teams and more cohesive cultures overall. That’s why Resilience Tribe was born.


What your tribe will takeaway

The Resilience Tribe Workshop will leave your team feeling confident, empowered – and above all, happy! They’ll also be better equipped to nurture themselves and others in a number of practical ways.

Individual outcomes

Each participant will develop and acquire:

  • Strategies to reflect daily, stay positive and maintain a growth mindset
  • Tools to cope with stress, trauma and loss
  • Insights into mental health red flags – and when to seek help
  • Techniques to remain open-minded
  • Post-workshop resources, tips and further inspiration via ongoing email communication

Team outcomes

Your team will develop and acquire:

  • Strategies to manage difficult and deep conversations (e.g. ‘R U OK?’ conversations)
  • Tactics to support colleagues (and the team as a whole) through challenging situations
  • Ideas for regular group activities to boost morale
  • Practical tasks to maintain a cohesive, healthy culture
  • Group tools to remain flexible to change

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